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medical equipment & devices / rescue and emergency / a401 anti spasticity splint

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A401 Anti Spasticity Splint

₱2,000.00 / Unit

Quantity Min 1 unit/s

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Anti-Spasticity Splints

Pre-formed Splints by KLARITY, these splints position the wrist, abduct the fingers and thumb, and maintain the palmar arch in a reflex-inhibiting position. They can be adapted easily by use of a heat gun or by dipping in hot water 65-70 degrees celsius. The splints come complete with a strapping system for the fingers and thumb and two padded self-adhesive straps for the forearm.



A401-1KS A401-2KS Small

A401-3KS A401-4KS Medium

A401-5KS A401-6KS Large

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