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Cilostan CR (Cilostazol) 200 mg Tablet 30's

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Cilostan CR (Cilostazol) 200 mg Tablet 30's
CILOSTAN CR (Cilostazol) is the only 200 mg double controlled-release system Cilostazol. An active treatment with Cilostan CR reduces the risk of recurrent ischemic stroke by 41.7% (CSPS)*. Cilostan CR decreases cerebral bleeding compared to ASA (CSPS-2)*. Cilostan CR is the recommended choice for the relief of peripherl artery disease. FORMULATION Cilostazol 200 mg Controlled-Release Tablet 264 INDICATION Cilostazol (Cilostan CR) is indicated for the improvement of the maximal and pain-free walking distances in patient with intermittent claudication, who do not have the rest pain and who do not have the evidence of peripheral tissue necrosis (peripheral arterial disease Fontaine stage II). It is for second-line use, in patient whom lifestyle modifications (including stopping smoking and [supervised] exercise programmes) and other appropriate interventions have failed to sufficiently improve their intermittent claudication symptoms. MANUFACTURER Korea United Pharm. Inc. (25-23, Nojanggongdan-gil, Jeodong-Myeon, Sejong-si, Korea)
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