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medical equipment & devices / medical furniture / digit trac 930 traction system

Golden Horse Medical Supplies

Digit-Trac 930 Traction System

₱195,000.00 / Unit

Quantity Min 1 unit/s

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Automatic malfunction detection capability tested under international safety standards for greater safety. Traction system complies with human physiological characteristics. Stable traction during hold and rest increases treatment effectiveness and comfort. Full human interface and operation design considerations.

Awarded TÜV Rheinland medical device quality certification and having successfully passed IEC60601-1 safety standards testing, the Advanced Microprocessor Controlled Cervical-Lumbar Traction System meets your highest professional requirements with its specific features.

Special Features:

Provided with max. force 40 lb(18kg)/110 lb(50kg)/200 lb(91kg) exchanging by switch, safety operation, automatic tension compensation: during the therapy period, if the patient movement causes tension decreased, the machine can automatically compensate the tension back to original force value. This will make therapy more accurate and effective than ordinary traction equipment.

*Functions are all controlled by the microprocessor control system, which has wide expanding capability.
*The panel features of concise and easy control, making operation efficient.
*Designed and made in Taiwan, complete services are available.


Traction Force

Traction Force compensation

Force display

Traction Speed

Release Time

Therapy Mode

Traction Timing

Safety System

Power Supply


Allowable Voltage Fluctuation

Casing leakage of electricity

Ground resistance

Electric safety degree

EMC tested

Classification of equipment

CE Marking



Max. 40 lb(18kg)/110 lb(50kg)/200 lb(91kg) interchangeable

Computerized automatic compensation

Actual Force/Preset Force – automatic switching display

Stepless, Continuous and Adjustable

00~99(s), by static traction force “- -“ selection.

Continuous/Intermittent/Harmonized Intermittent/Progressive

1~99 minutes ±2%

Multiple protection alarms – service/overload/rest>hold/remote

1.2A(100V, 110V, 120V), 0.6A(220V, 230V, 240V)

Max. 150VA

Max. ±10%

< 100μA

< 0.1Ω

Class I / Type BF (IEC 60601-1)

IEC 60601-1-2 requirements

Class IIb as per MDD 93/42/EEC Annex IX

CE 0197


36(L) x 29.5(W) x 27(H) (cm)

Package Includes 

Digit-Trac 930 x 1, Remote Stop x 1, Hand Screw x 4, Power Cord x 1


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