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pharma & supplements / antireflux/antiulcerants / mucoprotec rebamipide 100 mg tablet 100 s

One Pharma Marketing Inc.

Mucoprotec (Rebamipide) 100 mg Tablet 100's

₱1,691.25 / Box

Quantity Min 10 unit/s

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FOR OPTIMAL GASTROPROTECTION Mucoprotec is an affordable, effective, and well-tolerated treatment of gastric ulcers especially caused by NSAIDS. FORMULATION Rebamipide 100 mg Film-coated tablet INDICATION Rebamipide is indicated for use as an adjuvant in the treatment of peptic ulcer disease concomitantly with anti-secretory agents including proton pump inhibitors and H₂ receptor antagonists. Rebamipide is also indicated for use in the prevention of NSAID-induced gastropathy. MANUFACTURER KYUNG DONG PHARM. CO., LTD. (535-3 Daeyang-Li, Yanggam-Myun Hwasung-Si, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea)

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