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orthopedic & physiotherapy/rehabilitation / oh908 ankle foot orthosis afo

Golden Horse Medical Supplies

OH908 Ankle Foot Orthosis AFO

₱3,000.00 / Unit

Quantity Min 1 unit/s

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Designed to help and support the unstable ankle due to foot paralysis, ankle arthritis and postoperative ankle. With flexible polypropylene materials and two front velcro closure to stabilize the injured ankle in right position when swinging or walking. It's lightweight, flexible and provides comfort. Best to fit inside the shoe for proper support and stabilization.

  • manufactured from fine and lighteight polypropylene materials
  • with two front velcro closure, easy to put on and adjust
  • supports ankle instability and help flaccid dropping foot
  • proper shaped foot and calf area

Size Guide:
Size - Vertical Height - Shoe Size
S - 33cm - 35 to 38
M - 35.7cm - 39 to 43
L - 37cm - 43 to 45
XL - 37.7cm - 45 to 47

Available in LEFT or RIGHT.

Made in Taiwan, Brand New!

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