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orthopedic & physiotherapy/rehabilitation / oska pulse

Saviour King Multiventures, Inc

Oska Pulse

₱28,000.00 / Box

Quantity Min 1 unit/s

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Oska Pulse is a non-invasive device that uses Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) to safely alleviate chronic pain and injuries on any part of the body.

Oska Pulse:

  • improves blood flow and range of motion
  • reduces inflammation and pain

How does it work?

Oska Pulse therapy allows its user to go about their day while targeting and treating different types of pain on any part of the body!

  1. Turn on the Oska Pulse
  2. Put on the device by wrapping the strap near the source of pain
  3. Leave for 90 minutes
  4. Use it as often as needed - it is safe to use multiple times a day!

Oska Pulse comes with the device, long compression wrap, USB charging cable, user manual, and quick start guide.

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