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medical equipment & devices / rescue and emergency / s3a collapsible ambulance stretcher

Golden Horse Medical Supplies

S3A Collapsible Ambulance Stretcher

₱35,000.00 / Unit

Quantity Min 1 unit/s

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The S3A Collapsible Ambulance stretcher is made of lightweight aluminum material that rust proof. The Ambulance stretcher is ideal for emergency and disaster situations where the patient needs to be transported immediately.

  • This stretcher has three-step and two wheels of big and small according to the any height of ambulance carriage bottom board.
  • The bed surface of the stretcher is made of foamed cushion, the material is waterproof, the back and the knee part are adjustable which makes the wounded feel comfortable.
  • The stretcher with safety lock, it must be locked up when transport the patients, and opened out when get on the ambulance.
  • The mechanical folding legs are controlled by the handles on both sides.
  • Only one person can send the patient(with this trolley) to the ambulance.
  • The stretcher can be locked up after being aboard through the chute.
  • It is made of high-strength aluminum alloy materials. It characterised by its being light-weighted, use-safely and easy for sterilization and clean.
  • It’s mainly used for hospitals, ambulance and city roads carrying patients and wounded person.



  • Product Measurement : 194x55x25~85cm
  • Self Weight 38kgs
  • Load Bearing 159kgs
  • Packing Size: 202x63x30cm
  • Gross Weight: 44kgs
  • Angle of head 65 Degrees
  • Angle of Knee: 15 Degrees

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